Treadmills have become a standard piece of equipment for many exercise enthusiasts to place in their home to alleviate the problems associated with going to the gym regularly. Treadmills have been a staple of the fitness industry for a number of years. They are durable and provide an excellent workout. Running, jogging, or walking on a treadmill can be some of the best exercises to help you stay fit. A treadmill lets you work up a sweat in the comfort of your own home without worrying about braving the elements.

The workout afforded to many of us by using a treadmill can be equated to doing your own jogging or walking around your neighborhood. The treadmill simply alleviates the concerns that often accompany these activities such as stress on the knees, weather, and traffic. Jogging can be very stressful on the knees, ankles, and feet. While utilizing a treadmill does not eliminate these concerns, it is diminished due to a softer “landing” while you are jogging. This can be extremely beneficial if you are planning on jogging regularly.

Finding the right treadmill can be a difficult task. That is where treadmill reviews can come into play. You must find the perfect balance in what you are looking for. The treadmill must fit into our budget while still maintaining the performance and quality we are looking for. Utilizing these treadmill tips is one method of ensuring you are getting the right treadmill for you.

What to Look For Before Buying the Best Treadmills ?

Before you and spend your money buying the best treadmill, you need to determine first what qualifies a good treadmill.

Note that treadmill is classified as one of the most wanted home equipment many consumers opt to buy but after weeks of using it, some even days, they tend to see the machine boring and unexciting.

To save your money, avoid seeing the machine boring after several uses, and make it really effective through your workout, purchase only the good or best treadmill.

Motor and capacity

not all treadmills are made the same, best treadmills should be able to carry humungous amount of weight. Motor quality and intensity should also be considered, anything that runs 1.5 to 2.5 HP is a great deal.


Treadmills most of the time comes bundled with some accessories such as extra belts, cushions, extra grip handles, extension cords and all others. A Best treadmill should always come complete and fully functional meaning you don’t need to buy added accessories to be able to run the machine.

Price range

Treadmills doesn’t come cheap and inexpensive, if you want a reliable and modern one, you need to shell out a pretty huge amount of money. Of course there will always be cheap treadmills present on the market but then buying a second hand one if you’re budget is not enough is proven to be more reliable than buying a substandard one. Treadmills priced under $1000 might be a good steal but you need to extremely scrutinize its features first.

Features and design

Most people overlook the aesthetic appeal of treadmills thinking they generally function the same as compared to basic ones. This might be true for some reasons but then beautifully engineered treadmills with modern features can sustain and uphold your interest. A good point to remember is “the more beautiful and featured-filled” your treadmill is, the more likely you’ll use it every day.


Another important you need to consider when buying a treadmill is its size and dimension. Too big treadmills are not conducive to use so opt to buy folding treadmills. Also, affordable treadmills don’t always mean lesser quality; you just need to assess them very well.


Last but definitely not the least, best treadmills should come with full pledge warranty meaning parts and labor should be covered if anything goes wrong. The longer and wider the warranty, the better your treadmill is.


If you will be asking “what is the best treadmill for the money”, better ask yourself first how to classify a best treadmill then from then derive you answer. Look for treadmill tips and guide online to better help you choose the appropriate machine based form your needs and wants.

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