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Best Air Purifiers in India

Prior to selecting an air purifier, it is commonly prominent to underline several basic points which relate to the basic function that is to remove the dust and reduce air pollution in a room. Besides, healthy effects should be minded as well. The air purifier sometimes end up damaging people to suffer from lung cancer due to the tools improper maintenance in filtering the gasses and dust in the air.

A good air purifier is usually equipped with a precipitator tool which can remove pollutant by charging and filtering them once the particles pass through the air. However, some air purifiers are designed to have ozone generator which is able to produce a large amount of ozone.

Despite the fact that ozone may protect people from ultraviolet rays, it is considerably perilous for humans once it is in ground-level. The ground-level ozone may cause and even worsen particular disease like asthma, allergies, and other pulmonary or respiratory problems. Thus, many prefer choosing an air purifier that does not produce ozone in spite of their effective cleaning system.

For the whole features and types offered, the best air purifier should basically involve a good function of effectively cleaning the dust, smoke, and pollen in the air. Additionally, a large portable purifier type can be an ideal choice for those do not want to get a forced-air system which remove particle in lower and quieter speed than the large model.

Types of Air Purifier

The basic types of the air purifier include room models air purifiers and whole-house air cleaners.

1.Room air purifiers

The room air purifiers are quite portable and flexible as it is moveable from one room to another. It weighs about 10 to 20 pounds, and has a handle which can make it stand on a table or on the floor. This very first type is also highly promoted for its effectiveness and efficiency. It uses HEPA or High-Efficiency Particulate Air Filter which is able to catch every ultrafine particle in the air. This type also costs the least among the other type of air purifiers.

However, the HEPA filters needs to be replaced regularly otherwise it no longer functions well in filtering the air particles. The most expenses, then, may come from this service.

2.Whole-house air purifiers

The next type of the air purifier comes from the whole-house models. As its name implies, it functions in filtering the air in the entire parts of the house. It is designed for a forced-air heating and cooling system which is not available in the preceding type. The system works excellent in removing dust and tiny particles in the air.

Yet, the built-in whole-house type is relatively expensive, and thus should be installed by a professional. There is actually a cheaper one for the whole-house filter in a portable type, yet it functions less effectively than the built-in whole-house purifiers especially in clearing the air. Also, the filter of the portable one should be replaced once in one to three months, which means more expenses to withdraw later.

Features of the Right Air Purifiers

An air purifier commonly includes a range of features which cover a fan for pulling the air into the filtration system, servicing indicator, dust sensor and air-quality monitor.

Firstly, the fan is attached inside the cleaners body in order to suck the air. Air purifiers with fan indeed work noisier than the ones with no single fan on it. Yet, the more quiet work does not necessarily guarantee an effective function in filtering and sucking the air particles.

Then, the servicing indicator lets the users know the time to replace the filter. Lastly, the dust sensor and air-quality monitor will raise or lower the speed once they find the air is full of particles or dusts. The effects of raising or lowering the speeds depend on the brand and the type of air purifier itself.

How to use the air purifier

The air purifier is the essential of every house where the clean and pure air is required. If you are suffering from the asthma or any other kind of the allergy, the air purifier is a must buy product for you. There are a lot of air purifiers available and all have different functions and features.

If you want to get the maximum performance from the air purifiers, you must know how to use the air purifiers perfectly. You must know about the features and characteristics of the air purifiers so that you can buy the right one for you.

Choosing the Air Purifier

All the air purifiers have different features and characteristics. You must buy the air purifier which fulfills all the needs of your home or office. If you need the air purifier for your home, you have to buy which has maximum features, you do not need to focus on the design of the air purifier.

On the other hand, if you need the air purifier for your office, you must need an air purifier which has the maximum performance as well as the graceful design. So choose the air purifier wisely which is best for you in all of the conditions.

Assembling the Air Purifier

The assembling of the air purifier is an important task. First of all you must need to read the manual after unboxing the air purifier. The manual will detail you about the optimal assembling of the air purifier.

You need a professional help for installing the air purifier in your home or office. The air purifier needs to be fixed at a place where it is easily accessible.

Choosing the Location

The air purifier needs to be fixed at a place where it is possible for the air purifier to exchange the air with the whole room. Mostly the air purifier is fixed on the center of any of the walls of the room of your home or office.

After installing the air purifier, check for its performance if it is working efficiently or not at the particular place. If it is not working fine then you have to change the location of the air purifier.

Controlling the Air Purifier

The controlling of the air purifier is very easy. Most of the air purifiers come with the electronic controls. These electronic controls are easy to understand and simple to use. Anyone in your home or in your office can control the air purifier without any kind of the professional assistance.

Choosing the Settings

Most of the air purifiers have the automatic working. The automatic working of the air purifiers does not require any kind of the settings. On the other hand, you can change the settings of the air purifier manually. You must choose the mode which is suitable for you. If you can keep a check on the air purifier after every hour then you can choose the manual settings. If you are busy and cannot keep a check on the air purifier then you can choose the auto settings.

10 Reasons You Need an Air Purifier

Whether it is allergy season or closed window season (when it’s too cold or too hot to keep your windows open) or if you just want your house to be cleaner and fresher – using an air purifier will help reduce airborne germs and pollutants such as bacteria, influenza viruses, fungi, mold spores, dust, smoke, pollen, and pet dander.

  1. You have children or pets that don’t always smell so great – use an air purifier to help reduce bedroom or nursery odors – from diaper pails to smelly socks!
  2. Your dog has his own bed (or uses yours) – use an air purifier where your pet sleeps to help reduce pet dander, dust and odors.
  3. You live in an area that has had flooding or nearby wildfires – use an air purifier to help reduce potentially harmful smoke particles or mold spores that may be trapped in your house.
  4. You love to cook – but hate to clean out the refrigerator. Use an air purifier with carbon pre-filters to help reduce any nasty odors that may tend to linger.
  5. Your cooking skills are not quite on par with Rachael Ray and you tend to blacken your grilled fish in a recipe that is not intended to be Cajun – use an air purifier to help eliminate burnt food odors and reduce smoke particles in the kitchen.
  6. You love to watch television but may have a hard time seeing the picture through the dust that has accumulated on it – use an air purifier in your living area to help reduce dust and other airborne particles such as pet dander, pollen and smoke.
  7. You like to burn candles but don’t like the smoke that rises up when you blow out the flame – use an air purifier to help reduce smoke particles from tobacco smoke, candles, cooking and fireplaces.
  8. Your brother-in-law Bob comes over to visit and always has lingering visits to the bathroom, insisting on taking the morning newspaper with him – use an air purifier in the bathroom to help reduce odors.
  9. Your children’s classmates and your work colleagues never seem to stay home when they’re sick – use an air purifier with UV light and/or HEPA filters in your office and donate one to your children’s classroom to help eliminate airborne germs.
  10. The number one reason that you should use an air purifier is simply because you want to breathe with confidence – and it’s important to keep your indoor air as clean as possible!

Benefits of the air purifier

There are many benefits of installing the air purifier in your home or in the office. Breathing will be easiest if you have allergies if you have the clean air. Secondly, if you are suffering from the asthma, you will have decreased flares. Furthermore, the air purifier also cleans the air from the unwanted odors which are coming from outside of your house or office.

The detailed benefits of the air purifier are discussed below:

1.Reduces the Allergies

The air purifiers have many benefits. One of these benefits is that the air purifier removes the allergies from the air. The allergy free air makes the person living in the particular environment healthier than ever before.

The allergens and pollutants can enter in your room through the open windows and open doors. The hair purifiers have different filters installed in them,which reacts with the air and make the air clean and pure for you.

2.Eradicates the odors

The air purifiers are very efficient in working. The air purifier not only works against the allergens, but it also cleans the air from the pollutants which cause the unwanted odor in the air. So you will always be having the air, which is not unpleasant at all.

3.Removes the Smoke

If you use to smoke in your home or in your office,your air is 100% polluted with dangerous pollutants. These pollutants can be dangerous and could be proved fatal if people remain in these conditions of the air for a long period of the life. The air purifier helps you remove these kinds of the pollutants.

4.Cooking Smells

The smell of oils and different foods remain in the houses for a long time after cooking. However, even you love the smell of the cooking, everybody does not love and like it.

The air purifier helps you to remove such kind of the cooking smell from the homes very easily. Most of the air purifiers have the HEPA filter, which are very precise in purifying. These HEPA filters help to purify the air from such cooking smells.

5.Eliminates the Molds

The air purifiers are efficient in removing the chances of the molds. As the air purifiers can capture the spores present in the air and remove them, therefore hey are efficient in removing the mold from the air.

6.Pet Dander Control

Air purifiers help you a lot if you have a pet at home. The air has pet dander when you keep a pet at home. The air purifiers deal with such pet dander and clean the air for the perfect air breathing.

7.Germ Removal

The air purifier makes the air healthy by removing different kinds of the germs from the air.

8.Dust Removal

The air purifier removes all the particles of the dust from the air at all. If you have an air purifier at home, you do not need to worry about the dust anymore.

9.Increase Pure Oxygen

As it removes different elements that cause the pollution, therefore you will be having the purest oxygen.

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