Elliptical trainers or Cross trainer are one of the latest types of equipment to become popular for both the home fitness enthusiast and regular gym visitor. Elliptical trainers are becoming increasingly popular as a means of cardio training and can help to lose weight and tone the body.

Elliptical trainer is basically a combination of a ski machine, stair stepper, and a elliptical stationary bicycle, but has the functions of rowing and cycling too. Part of the popularity of elliptical fitness equipment is due to the fact that it can provide a full body workout without placing too much strain on the joints.

The technology is based on the elliptical motion that the body utilizes when it’s walking or running. The goal of the elliptical trainer is to give you the ultimate cardiovascular workout. The natural movement of an elliptical cross trainer allows you to maintain a longer workout and it doesn?t put unwanted stress on muscle joints. The weight bearing technology of a cross trainer reduces the risk of spinal and structural pain by supporting the natural curves of your body during the workout.

What to look for While Buying Elliptical trainers ?

Firstly, choosing an elliptical trainer should be easy when you look at the features of the machines that you need within your facility. A weight bearing elliptical trainer will supply the user with exactly that; this will help the user to train towards a healthy bone structure.


Other features to choose from, and in our opinion the most important, are the programmes that the machine offers. The wider the range of levels, the better for your business and for your users as a wide range of clientele can then make use of the machines.

Intensity and Speed

Think about the intensity of workout that the machines can provide, and the speed at which the user can choose to workout at.


Check whether the machine easy to stop in an urgent situation or does it have a safety ‘stop’ clip that the user can attach to their clothing while using the elliptical.

Price and Guarantee

Price and guarantees are an indicator but the best test of all is feel. While there are some great deals available on elliptical trainer online and it is tempting to whip out your credit card and order one so you can get started on a home workout straight away, with ellipticals, more so than treadmills or steppers or bikes it is important to find someplace where you can actually give the machine a workout.

How to Utilize Elliptical Cross Trainers for Weight Loss ?

  • If you did hear a lot of people comment that elliptical trainer does not helps them in weight loss and their exercise machine finally turn to be a gadget for them to hang clothes, please find out the reason behind before jump into negative conclusion towards this fitness equipment.
  • Basically, there are two major reasons caused people failed their fitness goal include lack of self-discipline and calories consumed are more than burn via exercise. No matter what objective you plan, self-discipline is necessary attitude to drive yourself success. Yesterday spent 30 minutes to do workout, today skip with excuse of busy (perhaps no time?) and expect tomorrow double up the workout time. Is this kind of scenario sounds familiar and people a lot you almost having such experience? Only people have higher level of self-discipline could commit themselve and consistently do workout using elliptical trainer.
  • According to a research, a person manages to burn 500 calories per hour using an elliptical trainer. Based on this theoretical concept, if a person consistently workout and burn 500 calories a day for a week, he definitely could see a great result after few weeks. However, he probably disappointed if he consumed more than 500 calories per day. By now, you could conclude that elliptical trainer benefits for weight loss if consistently use it in proper way combined with a healthy diet.
  • Understood people nowadays always busy with their jobs either have tight working schedule or a lot of household chores waiting them to settle. It is very difficult to spend an hour everyday for exercise. If there is the case, then allocate at least 10 minutes to do exercise. Exercise by using elliptical trainer is not only for weight loss purpose but also for your health as well. Better still, if you manage to spend about 30 minutes everyday as this allows your heart rate to be elevated for a consistent period of time consequently burn calories.
  • There are elliptical cross trainers such as models present at feature corner come with pre-programs that have few resistance levels. You could begin your workout with a low incline for about 2 minutes then turn to higher incline for another 2 minutes. You will see a great result by incorporate interval training into your workout. Additionally, add more resistance into your workout to a level that pushes you without becoming too fatigued that definitely help in weight loss and tone muscles.

Advantages of Elliptical Trainers

No impact

Because your feet travel in an elliptical pattern and never leave the footrests there is no impact stress, unlike running on treadmills where your feet are continually slamming into the track, or even stair steppers where the sudden direction change is classified as impact. Your ankles, knees, hips and back will thank you for this, now and in the future.

Weight bearing

Unlike bikes and rowers, cross trainer’s give full weight bearing workouts. Good for increasing bone density and muscle strength.

Perceived low exertion

Lack of impact gives the impression you haven’t worked out as hard as you have. Tests show, however, you will have burned the same amount of calories as if you had been on a treadmill, but without the sore joints.

Time efficient

Using a full body elliptical cross trainer your heart rate will rise quicker to the optimum aerobic workout rate for burning calories of 160 – 170 beats per minute. A full cardio session in 30 to 40 minutes.

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