Best Exercise Bikes in India

Exercise bikes, also referred to as stationary bikes, are known as an excellent solution to provide the best in cardiovascular exercise. For countless years these bikes have been relied upon as an instrumental exercise tool. Exercise bikes are extremely popular due to the fact that they provide a full-body workout. Not only is this beneficial to your overall health, but it also serves as a time-saving feature for the majority of people.

In addition to working out your legs, exercise bikes have been proven to simultaneously work the abdomen, heart, upper body, buttocks and hips. By dedicating a short 20 minutes a day to an exercise bike, you will reap long-term health benefits and a greater quality of life.

Like most retail products, exercise bikes are available in a wide range of prices. These prices vary based on the make, model, accessories, features and components. Aside from the vast health benefits, exercise bikes are desirable for their multitasking capabilities. Operators have the pleasures of enjoying television or listening to music while exercising in the comfort of their own home.

To make an informed decision as to which exercise bike is right for you, you must first understand the differences in the types of exercise bikes that are available to the consumer market. This guide will serve as a descriptive outline for the different types of exercise bikes that are currently available and the benefits of each. We will do our best to help you make an informed decision.

Types of Exercise Bikes

Todays exercise bike market offers three types of exercise bikes. These bikes include upright, recumbent and spin exercise bikes. Before making a purchase it is advised that you test out each of these bikes to determine which riding style suits you best. Everyone has their own personal preference, so pick a riding style that you enjoy!


Upright exercise bikes are the standard, traditional bikes. Identical to an actually pedal bike, the user sits in an upright position with their core body remaining vertical. If you enjoy outdoor biking, this may be a good riding style to consider. Riders will get the same health benefits from riding this exercise bike as they would an outdoor pedal bike.

By leaning forward and working your body into a side to side swaying motion, the user can achieve a mild upper body workout also. Upright exercise bikes seem to be the most popular type of bikes and also have great price points.


Recumbent exercise bikes have become increasingly popular over the years due to the tremendous back support they provide their users. These bikes often have great additional support feature like larger padded seating areas. This not only makes for a more comfortable ride, but it also allows the user to exercise longer without the side effects of pain and discomfort. These bikes provide its users with efficient flow of blood throughout the entire body.

Due to the fact that the rider remains in a reclined position while working out, there is minimal upper body exercise. Recumbent exercise bikes are known to have more luxurious features such as LCD display that shows time, calories, heart rate, television, and even a radio. If you have never enjoyed the pleasures of operating a recumbent bike I highly recommend that you try one out.


Spin bikes are also another great option if you are looking to purchase an exercise bike. The primary difference between other exercise bikes and a spin bike is the adjustability and high quality of the drive mechanisms. They bikes are well engineered to deliver some of the best workouts.

Spin bikes are excellent at targeting desired muscle groups in your legs and upper body. Although this bike does have a lot of positives, comfort can vary depending on the model you purchase. Due to the upright positioning, cheaper models that do not use quality padding can be very uncomfortable for the user over extended periods of time. Spin bikes are great fun and I highly recommend you try one!

Why Do I Need an Exercise Bike?

Exercise bikes are without a doubt an excellent and imperative piece of cardiovascular fitness equipment for people who prefer to workout in the comfort of their own home. Operators are able to watch television or listen to music at their own pleasure and convenience while keeping active and engaging in a healthy lifestyle. You will no longer have to make frequent trips to the gym and you can workout 24/7 at your convenience and pace.

Buyers have a huge variety of exercise bikes to choose from. Each type of bike will offer its operator something unique and truly beneficial. With low cost competitive pricing you can find the most desired exercise bikes at a fraction of the retail price. By clicking on one of our exercise bike types or a particular model, you can read a detailed review as well as check out some of the best consumer prices offered online.

Benefits Of Exercise Bikes.

  • Exercise bikes are perhaps the most economical piece of exercise equipment and this is one of the main advantages of having exercise bikes. The price of these bikes ranges between 5000 to 20000 Rupees offering a wide variety of models for every exercise level and price level. However, exercise bikes are an ideal choice for people with limited budget to develop a good body shape.
  • Exercise bikes have much low impact on your ligaments and joints compared to other fitness equipment and this is yet another benefit of exercise bikes. This implies that there are less chances of getting injured while performing exercise with the help of an exercise bike. Moreover, they are very useful for people who are having arthritis, joint problems etc.
  • The invention of a recumbent exercise bike which enables a person to sit in a semi-reclined bucket seat and allow him to angle his legs in front of him rather than hanging down has made these bikes more convenient and comforting. The recumbent exercise bike facilitates much better workouts in a comfortable way which implies that people can perform workouts for longer time period.
  • Exercises bikes offer better safety compared to other equipment. It is less likely to fall and get injured on an exercise bike. This makes them perfect for elderly people or people who are new to exercise equipment.
  • A person can read while performing workouts with a recumbent bike and this is one of the main reasons for their popularity in home gyms. Many people get bored while performing workouts. Hence, instead of forcing yourself to tough and boring exercises, it is a better idea to perform workouts on an exercise bike while reading your favorite books or newspapers or any other thing of your interest.
  • There are more chances that a person will use these bikes because they are economical, safe, low impact and comfortable besides fighting your boredom while exercising.
  • Nobody wish to spend lot of money on buying exercise equipment and then use it for clothes racks when it is not used. You want to burn calories and stay fit and healthy by performing the workouts. But if you buy a machine which you don’t use, you are only wasting your money.
  • Due to the various benefits of exercises bikes, most of the people are able to use them for years and end up exercising for more time than they think. This has led to the increasing popularity of these exercise bikes and more and more people are buying them for performing their workout regimen while enjoying other tasks like reading or watching TV programs.

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