September 19, 2019

Best Stand Mixers in India – Comparison and Buyer’s Guide

Kitchen is considered incomplete without a stand mixer, while a low quality mixer will make it ill-equipped—that is worse. Moreover, it will also be the wastage of your hard-earned money. You know, the best appliances are purchased once and expected to last for many years to come.

So, you need to be very careful while buying such a machine. The comparison of the specification standards of these immense utility machines, given in the chart below, will enable you choose the better piece out of the best quality stand mixers.

What to Look for Before Buying the Stand Mixers?

Stand mixers are valuable kitchen tools that will allow you to speed up your day to day tasks in that part of your house. They are not only powerful but are also reliable and versatile. You can use them for mixing, mincing meat and even kneading dough. When purchasing for one, you don’t just go around and buy; you have to look for the best stand mixer. Here are a few things to consider:


Stand mixers come in different sizes, shapes and appearance. There are optional features that can help make your experience with them even more enjoyable and stress-free. Among which are the ability to attach the food processor or the blender, the availability of the splatter shield and numerous attachments to select from like a pasta maker, ice cream maker and meat grinder. You might also want to look for a finish or color that will match the decor of your home though this is not necessary of course.


 The capacity of your stand mixer will be the determinant as to how much you can mix at a time. Most of the mixers today have five to seven quarts but if you always prepare lots of food for your family, you might have to look for one that has bigger capacity. Larger professional stand mixers are heavier though and putting them away when not in use can be tough.

3.Metal Gearing

Stand mixers can be noisy but with metal gears, they tend to be quieter. Some stand mixers have nylon gearing but if you want to silence down your appliance a little bit, go for one that has metal gearing.

4.Planetary Mixing

Planetary mixing is an action performed by the best stand mixers wherein the beater moves in one way as the drive shaft stirs in the other. AT this time, the bowl is motionless. This type of mixing ensures that mixing the ingredients is a success.

5.Slow Start

To avoid spilling the ingredients, slow start option should be available. Actually, this is not just an option in the newest mixers today; this is already a feature because this is very helpful in keeping the ingredients in the bowl where they should all be.

6.Locking Mechanism

With this feature, the beaters are kept in the bowl while mixing devoid of “kicking up.” This is very useful when you are kneading dough since this action will weigh down the beaters.

7.Overload Reset Button

This button is essential as it is a safety feature that will prevent the mixer into overheating and frying up your ingredients or the tool itself. Even if you have the most powerful mixer at hand, there are times when they will overheat especially if you are using them to knead heavy dough or when you are utilizing them at high speeds for a prolonged period of time.


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