Best Washing Machines in India

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One of the most useful and innovative inventions to date is the washing machines. This machine is capable of minimizing your wash load by 100% without you getting exhausted or out of breath while doing your laundry.

People are now able to sit down and read or do other tasks while doing the laundry; which is a far cry from eons ago when it was done by hand. It has completely changed the way in which people do laundry nowadays. This is by far one of the most appreciated inventions that are available to do chores today.

Types of Washing Machines

1.Integrated Washing Machines

Integrated appliances are popular because they allow you to keep a large unit in the middle of your home hidden behind a facade that blends perfectly with your cabinetry. No longer do you have to trudge out to your garage or laundry room in order to do laundry.

Moreover, integrated washing machines are so well designed they can blend into even the most modern of kitchens. While you may not find many options for extra large washing machines in this style, the freedom you gain when you install a new integrated washer makes it a worthwhile trade-off.

2.Portable Washing Machines

Portable washing machines are a fantastic option if you do not have laundry hookups for a full-size washer. Whether you are living in an apartment or simply do not have the space, these compact washing machines offer excellent cleaning power in a smaller, more compact body.

Simply roll it out, hook it up, run your loads and tuck out of the way in any room of the house. Save your quarters and skip the extra trips to the laundromat by getting yourself one of these ultra convenient and ultra portable washers.

3.Stackable Washing Machines

Stackable washing machines are a great alternative to a full-size washer and dryer combo for those who do not have the space required of stand-alone units. These apartment size washing machines and clothes dryers are extremely versatile, as they easily installed in very small spaces without sacrificing the features you seek in an appliance and are available in a mutlitude of colors, including blue, red and white washing machines.

Stackable washing machines are ideal if you do not have a laundry room or space in the garage; simply install them in a closet or even in the corner of the kitchen area and you are ready to get to work. When space is at a premium, make sure you consider stackable washing machines.

4.Vented Washing Machines

When it comes to efficiency and energy conservation, vented washing machines cannot be beat. These machines vent out the extra heat so that the machine does not have to overwork itself to overcome the heat that accumulates in its system during the spin cycle and other heavy use.

Large washing machines in laundromats are almost always of the vented variety, so why not take advantage of this cost-effective technology in your home? If you are serious about cutting costs, make sure to check out vented washers. You can see how an appliance running with less heat saves you both energy and money.

5.Ventless Washing Machines

Ventless washing machines are a great option to consider when buying a washer for an area where space is at a premium. A ventless washing machine and dryer combination not only saves space but energy as well.

A ventless washer has no venting system through which to funnel hot steam and water, but it instead works by allowing condensation to build up on the drum of the washer and then centrifuging it out of the washer.

6.Washer & Dryer Combo Machines

For any busy home maker anxious to save on time, energy and expenses, washer & dryer combo machines come as a big relief. Gone are the days of having to manage two heavy duty, heavily priced utilities. With handy washer & dryer combo machines, it is a breeze to get a large load of laundry done efficiently, quickly and affordably.

What to Look for While Buying Washing Machines ?

There are various features built into each model of washing machine. Before buying, you should know what are the features that the model has and how it works. Some of the features include:


The trend now is the bigger the capacity, the better it is. It allows you to wash your laundry in less time.

2.Spin Speed:

The higher the speed, the more efficient it is in extracting water from the laundry.

3.Child Locks:

If you have small kids, this will prevent any accidents happening to them. Most machine will stop running if the safety featured is triggered.

4.Variable Spin Speed:

If your machine have high spin speed, this feature will help you protect delicate fabrics.

5.Electronic Displays:

From the simplest display of showing the wash time to the most extensive ones as an integral part of programming, it doesn’t affect the washer’s ability.

Top Loading vs Front Loading

First thing first, you should decide if you want a front loading or a top loading washing machine. Each of these types of washing machine have their own advantage over the other.

1.Top Loading Washing Machine:

If you are in the market for a new washer but are short on room, make sure to check out top loading washing machines. The engineering behind this particular style makes top loading units more compact. With the door swinging up instead of out on these relatively small washing machines, installation in more confined spaces is possible.

However, do not let the size fool you into thinking that these appliances are inferior to other types of machines. Most top loading washing machines boast the same modern features as their front loading cousins, and they are just as sure to get your clothes looking as fine as the day you bought them. For a hard-working appliance designed to fit nearly anywhere, choose top loading washing machines.

2.Front Loading Washing Machine:

Front loading washing machines are a popular choice because of their reputation for water and energy efficiency. Front-loaders are also gentler on clothes according to professional tests. This is because the clothes cycle into and out of the water, consequently spending less time under pressure.


A good washing machine is definitely an investment for your household. The best washing machine money can buy will likely last with you for more than 10 years if it well made and taken care for. We do believe that the cleaner the laundry is, the better taken care for is our family. Keeping the laundry clean and fresh is important not only to keep our family free from health risk but also to show them how much we care for them.

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