September 21, 2019

Top 10 Best Dishwashers in India

There is no doubt that dishwashers are becoming one of the most desired appliances in any household, as with any kitchen appliance it’s important to get the best dishwasher for your needs and always consider any dishwasher reviews you read online to finalise a purchase.

The average homeowner spends anywhere between 400 to 600 hours every year manually washing dishes, cups, plates and cutlery. Wouldn’t it be ideal to have an appliance which took away all this manual labour and gave you a fantastic solution that would free up all this time? Well that’s exactly what the best dishwasher can offer you, freedom.

Purchasing dishwashers doesn’t need to be stressful or a time sink, simply follow all the advice we offer in this very easy to understand buying guide to get nothing but the facts when it comes to selecting the dishwasher for your needs.

What To Consider While Buying Dishwashers ?

Each product comes with a selection of its own features and capabilities, it’s always important to consider this when you are making a purchase of the dishwasher for your requirements. Many manufacturers will provide dishwasher  descriptions to give you a quick insight of the overall product and how it can help you, what this section will provide is a breakdown of all the features and what to look for when making a purchase of the top quality dishwasher, it is advisable that you write down these points as well as your needs. This will no doubt help you create a shortlist of appliances quickly.


Size is always at a premium and if you live in a big city with a small apartment, then you’re probably going to want to have a portable dishwasher. The full-sized ones can be great when you have the room, but many people don’t. We love that these models are so small but truly have a variety of features that make them comparable to their larger counterparts. But, you don’t have to take our word for it. If your space is at a premium though, then you need to consider what’s going to give you the most bang for your buck.

Energy efficiency

Any appliance that receives a rating of ‘A’ should be considered the best dishwasher for energy efficiency and will cost you less to run, whereas a product that receives a rating of ‘G’ will be less energy-efficient. This rating is applied to the best types of dishwasher taking into consideration the amount of water consumed as well as the electricity. For those people who are looking for a dishwasher that will be very inexpensive to run over the course of the year should invest in a product that has an ‘A’ rating for energy. The rating can be found in the product reviews by the manufacturer as well as many consumers.


This is a feature used by washers as a method of removing dirt on cookery before performing a full wash, this is one of the top dishwasher features for many people as it provides a solution to pre-washing off the dirt before it has time to solidify on the cookery. This allows the user to wait until the dishwasher is full before performing a full wash.

Auto Program function

Only really seen in the more premium products, this feature allows the dishwasher to sense what has been placed in the appliance and tailor the best cycle for saving water and electricity. This is mentioned in the manufacturer reviews for a huge selling point, unfortunately this feature does fetch quite a high price. Mainly designed for use in busy kitchens such as a business or industrial use, this certainly makes for one of the top quality dishwasher product features.


We’ve talked about the price of running the dishwasher, but have you ever considered the price of the dishwasher itself? They usually run fairly high, making it difficult for many people to afford. And, it’s not always practical to wash dishes by hand every day. When this happens, people may look into alternative options such as portable dishwashers. These countertop options are economic choices that aren’t going to break the bank. You also don’t have to worry about sacrificing quality for convenience. There are many models including these ones that will work just as well as full-sized models and sometimes even better.


This guidehas provided you a clear insight in how to purchase the best quality dishwasher for your needs based on the manufacturer’s reviews as well as other useful information that will streamline the whole purchasing process. The best way to find the correct appliance is to write down all the key areas mentioned in this guide when browsing our selection of dishwasher reviews, that way you can be confident in knowing that the item will perform all the necessary tasks making it a very worthwhile investment.

When shopping for the dishwasher always remember to check the product reviews before finalising any purchase to get a very clear understanding of how the appliance performs.

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