Best Home Gym in India 2020 (Review & Buyer’s Guide)

Best Home Gym Equipment

With the increasing rush and pollution, people often prefer to have their own set of all the equipment and other related things. This provides ease and a simplistic approach. With a stressful lifestyle, people often get minimal time to take care of their bodies.

If they opt for a gym membership, then it makes a hole in their pocket. With the advent of new manufacturing techniques, now it is quite easy to get through some of the best equipment in your home.

If you are also a fitness freak and want to give ample time to tone up your body, then this excerpt will provide you all the details about some of the topmost home gyms combo. Apart from that, it will also provide an understanding of the considerations that should be made before buying.

8 Best Home Gym Machine in India 2020

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1.TYTAX M2 Home Gym Machine

TYTAX M2 Home Gym Machine

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This is one of the best home gym set that comes with different sets of tools. It provides effective exercising equipment that enables you to maintain your health regime.


 It is equipped with some of the best features that include a regulated angle of seating and backrest, upper pulley and other pulleys, leg press, upper and lower gate, preacher bench, handles for pull-ups, professional accessory rack. 
  • The handle of pull-up is quite durable
  • It is equipped with two training stations
  • Needs minimal space foe set-up
  • It is made in 100% European union
  • The set is equipped with numerous gym equipment
  • The backrest is not durable
  • It is not good for apartments or small spaces
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2.Tidyard Complete Home Gym

Tidyard Complete Home Gym

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This home gym is equipped with some of the best-designed equipment that is prescribed by professionals. If you are a health freak and want to exercise a lot, then this low maintenance set of equipment will cover all of your needs.


 There are some of the effective features of this home gym that is capable of providing all-around exercises. It is optimally lightweight that makes it quite durable. It enables you the facility to dips efficiently and helps to maintain a good upper body. The ultimate comfort provided by this home gym is excellent and can be a good investment towards your health. 
  • The weight withstanding is optimal
  • Provides lightweight and durable equipment’s
  • Strengthens all the body muscles
  • Ultimate comfort with different positions
  • Provides resistance style training that gives the next level of experience
  • Lightweight equipment is not preferred
  • The set needs massive space
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3.GOLD FITNESS Home Gym Equipment Combo 50 Kg

GOLD FITNESS Home Gym Equipment Combo 50 Kg

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This is one of the renowned branded home gyms that provides all the functions as well as durability at par. This 8in 1 gym bench combo set can easily fulfill all the needs of the user. At this price range if you are getting something excellent, then it is a good investment. Just make sure that you will get a legitimate brand as there are different fake products also available.


 This is one of the equipments that provides various functions. This set includes some of the equipment that has immense features such as Incline, Decline & Flat Bench Press, Push-up & Dips, Leg Curl, Leg Extension, Pec Dec Fly, Dumbbell Fly & Dumbbell Press, Single-arm Dumbbell rows. 
  • It is made up of heavy-duty 2 x 2 square frame
  • Provides better stability functions
  • Helps in maintain the lower body also
  • Assembling is quite easy
  • The safety grips are made of PVC that provides maximum durability
  • Numerous equipment can confuse the user
  • Single-arm dumbbell rows material is not up to the mark
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4.HASHTAG FITNESS 20 in 1 Bench Home Gym Equipment

HASHTAG FITNESS 20 in 1 Bench Home Gym Equipment

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This is one of the best brands that provide all the equipment that is necessary for bodybuilding. It needs minimal space for installation. The installation technique is also very easy. With the wide range of equipment’s one can get effective results. Just keep a check on the credibility as there are different fake brands also.  


 This home gym consists of different equipment that has effective features that include Incline, Decline, Flat, Leg Curl And Leg Extension, Chest Press/Butterfly, Lat Pull Down, Ground Pulley, And Dips, Arm Curl, Twister. In addition to these, the preacher Curl is one of the USP that helps to tone your muscles effectively. 
  • It is made up of PVC material that is capable of providing ultimate durability
  • The 20in1 combo is a benefit
  • It needs minimal space for installation
  • The installation prices are quite simple
  • The PVC weight just weighs 60kg in total
  • Probability of getting fake weights are more
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5.Marcy Smith Cage Machine with Workout Bench

Marcy Smith Cage Machine with Workout Bench

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This is one of the combo sets that has a multitude of functions. If you are looking for the gym set up in your home without any hassles, then this is the ideal choice that provides value for money. The assembled cage design is ideal to place at your home gym. The set of equipment effectively provides numerous functions that help to tone up your muscles.


 It comes with optimum features that provide a multitude of functions. The steel aircraft cable system, pull-up bars, and cross pulleys are capable of providing a good exercise for your shoulders and chest area. It is equipped with a bottom pulley and leg developer that helps to maintain the muscles of your lower body. 
  • Ideal for a small apartment also
  • The 14-gauge square steel provides maximum durability
  • It comes to switch four storage posts that organize the weight efficiently
  • Safety stops are way safer and provide stress less workout
  • The padded seat is effective and adjustable
  • Price is one of the concern
  • The installation process is complex
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6.HASHTAG FITNESS 20 in 1 Bench Home Gym

HASHTAG FITNESS 20 in 1 Bench Home Gym

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HASHTAG FITNESS is a credible name in the market that provides excellent combo equipment’s in a single gym setup. With effective functioning, you can expect a wide variety of features. At this price range if you are getting massive benefits, then you should opt for this without any second thought.


 The package is equipped with different equipment that has a multitude of features. Some of the features are Lat Pull Down, Ground Pulley, And Dips, Arm Curl, Incline, Decline, Flat, Leg Curl and Leg Extension, Chest Press/Butterfly, etc. these features are responsible for providing a good environment to tone up your muscles. 
  • The triceps rope is excellent and provides effective functioning
  • The 80kg of PVC weights is optimal in the class
  • Price range is legible and provides value for money
  • It comes with an installation guide that makes it simple to install
  • The basic exercise manual is an added advantage for the user
  • Life of the PVC weights is minimal
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7.Lifeline LIT1 Steel Home Gym

Lifeline LIT1 Steel Home Gym

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If you want to buy a home gym combo that provides effective functioning, then this is the ideal choice. It has an appealing aesthetics that makes it stylish. With the different features of the equipment, one can expect massive results for their body health.


 This set has different equipment that has its features to provide an efficient workout. The tummy trimmer provides effective results for those who want to shed extra tummy fat. 
  • Tummy trimmer is an added advantage with this package
  • The steel material keep sitting away from the corrosion
  • Heavy-duty steel tubes provide maximum durability
  • The contoured food pedals provide ample grip that is way safer
  • Easy to use feature makes it quite appealing
  • Price range is too high
  • The installation process is complex
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8.BodyFit Weight Plates 20 In 1 Bench Home Gym

BodyFit Weight Plates 20 In 1 Bench Home Gym

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This bench home gym is one of the best in class that comes from switching your finances. It consists of a different set of soft equipment weighs 100kgs. This combination of gym equipment exclusively provides all the needs for an efficient workout regime. With this package, you can expect an excellent set of equipment.


 There are different features of the equipment in the package that provides different functions. These features can provide a wide range of functions regarding Leg Curl, Leg Extension, Lat pulls Down, Ground Pulley, Arm Curl, Chest press, Butterfly, Dips, Twister, Flat /Incline, Decline. These are some of the effective features of this package. 
  • Wide range of equipment’s in the combo
  • Material through which they made is of par quality
  • Arm curl and twister equipment is very effective in muscle toning
  • Price is legible
  • The credible and effective functioning of all the equipment’s
  • The installation process is way hard to understand

How to Buy Best Home Gym Equipment In India 2020

This is one of the foremost concern of people who plans for buying a home gym. There are no specified rules, but it is advisable to take professional help while buying these. Here we are providing some of the attributes that help to narrow down your choices:


 It is advisable to keep a check on your space as this will matter a lot. If you are buying a home gym, then get ready to engage a massive chunk of space to this. It comes with a combo of equipment that needs ample space. Before buying a planned space where you are going to make it work. 


There are various combos available in the market that consists of different equipment. It is advisable to get professional help while buying a home gym as there is numerous equipment that may not fulfill your effective need.


This is one of the foremost factors. While buying a home gym can cost you a fortune. It is advisable to get a hold of your finances and, then plan accordingly for the desired set. There is numerous home gym available under the nominal price tag. Before using get an idea of all these and then, take the desired decision.

Benefits of Home Gym

 While gymming different psychological and financial constraints make it quite hard to attain. With the help of a premium home gym, you can expect various exercising needs at your doorstep. These are some of the exclusive benefits of home gyms. 
  • It provides effective functioning without any hassles of getting around the city.
  • It helps to maintain the drive to be healthy and gain mass.
  • It is compatible in a corner of the house that makes it quite portable.
  • With the different sets of equipment, you can expect all around the development of body muscles.
  • It saves a massive chunk of your money that is going to be spent on a gym membership.

Frequently Asked Questions

While opting for the home gym there are different confusions stays in the mind of people. Here we are providing some of the frequently asked questions that enable the user to get all their answers:

1.How can we get an efficient home gym that caters to all the needs? 

It depends upon the magnitude of workout you prefer. Some users prefer to have an extensive workout. For those, it is prescribed to attain a set that has numerous equipment.

2.Can we get professional help for installation?

Yes, most of the brands come to switch free installation service.

3.Is there any warranty on different equipment?

Yes, some brands provide an effective warranty on weights and other equipment.

4.Does the home gym need massive space?

There are different home gyms, according to their size. Generally, these can be installed in a corner of your house.

5.Can we get it through online purchases?

Yes, different websites sell home gyms.


 Above mentioned products are selected based on different attributes that define the effectiveness. With the help of this list, you can narrow done your choice as per the need. It is also concluded based on package equipment and pricing range. 

These products are of premium range and can help you to gain access to an excellent fitness regime in your home only. Best of luck with your resolution to maintain your body for this year.

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