Best Trimmers For Men In India

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Best Trimmers For Men In India
Trimmer Name Charging Time Usage Buy Now
Mi Waterproof Beard Trimmer 2 hour 90 min Buy On Amazon
SYSKA HT3052K/02 Trimmer 1 hour 50 min Buy On Amazon
Braun BT5090 Beard Trimmer 1 hour 50 min Buy On Amazon
Braun BT5065 Trimmer 1 hour 100 min Buy On Amazon
Philips QT4011/15 Beard Trimmer 1 hour 90 min Buy On Amazon

The page was developed out of the need for finding valid and useful information on the best beard trimmer products.  There is a wealth of information available on the Internet around the subject of beard trimmers and what we have done is compiled the most relevant information surrounding the beard trimmer products. We have also reviewed products from around the world as well as testing them ourselves.

The importance of possessing beard trimmer products in any family’s home is a must for any man looking for a better and closer shave. Let’s look at a few different beard trimmers so you can see the various features and learn how each of them works.

How To Choose The Best Beard Trimmers For Men

Every man wants to use the beard trimmer whether he is using it himself at home or going to the barber. Increasingly though these trimmers are being purchased for home use in an effort to save money whenever possible as the worldwide economic crisis is affecting everyone.

If you have found yourself in the position of need a trimmer for your beard and mustache area you want to ensure that whatever you spend your money on it will be well worth and so you want to find the beard trimmer your money can afford.

It is not hard to find the good beard trimmer once you know what you are looking for and if you have no clue then you have come to the right place. This buying guide will help you as you seek to purchase a beard trimmer and not just any beard trimmer but the best beard trimmer out there that you can afford.



There are so many brands out there advertising that they manufacture and sell the beard trimmer so which one of them should you believe and give your hard earned money to? Well the decision is all up to you as to which brand you prefer but when it comes to beard trimmers you want to take other factors into consideration as well and not just the brand of a particular trimmer.

Take for example that you have been going to a barber that uses a Remington beard trimmer this doesn’t mean that it is the best out there it just means that your barber is more comfortable working with this tool and you may not be so comfortable when you are using it on yourself. So finding a good beard trimmer goes beyond choosing a particular brand.

2.Value for Money

So what should you look for in the beard trimmer and where can you find them for sale?   Well you can find top beard trimmers for sale online as well as offline. You can also find them new or you can buy used to further save money. The most important thing is that whether new or old the beard trimmer will provide you with convenience and value for money while it keeps you looking your great.

So the right beard trimmer should provide you with convenience but what does that mean? It means that the trimmer should be easy to use in every possible way.



The easiest way to ensure you are purchasing a product that is convenient is to choose a cordless design. These usually have charging docks that serve as storage areas as well so it can be charged and stored neatly on your work top at a hands reach if necessary. That is what you want from the beard trimmer.

4.Vacuum a Highly Desired Feature

The right beard trimmer also keeps the room clean with no hairy mess to clean-up afterwards. This is solved with a vacuum beard trimmer. These beard trimmers for men use a small amount of suction while they cut to pull the hair into a chamber which is removable for later emptying into a dust pan.

Though they don’t get 100% of the trimmings from your beard or mustache you will have a lot less to clean up and can even leave clean-up for another day, something that can’t be said of other trimmers. It picks up around 95% of the trimmings which is really great when you are in a hurry to use your beard trimmer.


Those are the things you should look out for when searching for the beard trimmer. But before you go looking for a trimmer another set of tools that can help you find the ideal beard trimmers for men are beard trimmer reviews.

These are pretty easy to find online; you can find individual reviews on personal blogs and discussion boards and you can find reviews on retail websites from persons who have purchased the items there.Knowing what other people are saying about a particular trimmer is  an ideal way to ensure you are in fact purchasing a great trimmer.

6.Water Proof

Another feature that measures convenience in a beard trimmer is the waterproof option. Yes there are trimmers that are waterproof which allow you to shave while you are in the shower. This is also another way to deal with the mess of fly away hairs when using conventional trimmers.

When you do your trimming in the shower the hair goes down the drain and if that becomes a problem you can always use drain cleaning solution to get rid of the hair if necessary. These can be called the best beard trimmer as they help to cut down on time as you can do it all in the shower.

More Tips to Choose the Best Trimmers for Men

If your choice of the beard trimmer is a vacuum trimmer then you will find that they are all powered with rechargeable batteries since they use up so much power it would be counterproductive to use anything else.

You can see where this type of trimmer also overlaps the first point of convenience as it is really convenient for you to not have to clean up after shaving. After charging they can run continually for up to half an hour which is great and though you won’t need so much for trimming your beard you never know when you will have some fine tuning to do that takes a little longer.

How to Trim a Beard

how to trim a beard

A beard can be short and trim, or very long, down the front of your chest. You can also choose from a goatee or just a mustache. No matter what you choose, it is important to learn how to trim a beard. Trimming a beard is an art form in many cases and it is important to have the right tools for trimming. There are different and unique ways to trim a beard and you should learn these ways before you begin to grow out your beard. If you have a full beard, you can take care of it with a scissors and a good comb.

You can also use a beard trimmer to trim a beard. Some beard trimmers have built-in attachments for different lengths and others have detachable attachments that can clip onto the beard trimmer for the length you need. All you need to do is choose your length and put on or set the attachment in order to get the length you’re looking for. Cut against the grain of your hair for the great results. You definitely don’t need to use your beard trimmer every day because it takes time to grow out a nice, full beard.

Only if your beard is cut very short do you need to address it every day. If you’re looking for a goatee, you need a good beard trimmer and you need to know a lot about beard trimming. Many goatees are very tight, requiring several tools from your beard trimmer.

You might have to use a straight razor or a regular razor along with your beard trimmer, just to get the right look. A straight razor technically gives your face the closest look but it is harder to manipulate and trimming a beard can be difficult. A regular razor is simpler to use but it doesn’t give the close shave that the straight razor gives.

Choose what works for you and shape your goatee in whatever way you like. For goatees, you want to have a very small beard trimmer; this allows you to trim hairs to a shorter degree and that allows you to better shape your goatee to a fine degree.

An edge up is a specific way to use a beard trimmer to design your facial hair in such a way that the rest of the skin is clean and hair free while the beard design is longer and just about the same length. You need a small and need beard trimmer for this kind of unique hair style. You might wish to do a mustache along with your beard or as a single item.

Mustaches look simple but, in fact, you do need to have some skill. Even so, once it is established, a mustache is fairly easy to maintain. With the right beard trimmers, you can have just the right mustache for your face. You need to take the time to use hot and cold wet towels for your shaving. You begin by using a hot towel.

This opens your pores and allows for the closest shave possible on those parts of your face that you don’t want to have hair on. Put the hot towel on for several minutes. Then, after you shave, apply a cold damp towel for a few minutes. This neatly closes your pores and helps you avoid things like ingrown hairs

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