Tips For Selecting Efficient, Light Weight Beard Trimmers

Tips For Selecting Efficient, Light Weight Beard Trimmers

Today, from a host of world renowned brands, you can take your pick from cord or cordless clippers with detachable and adjustable blades. A well groomed beard certainly suggests there is a secret, and the best beard trimmers are the ones that produces minimal noise, minimal vibration and enough power to make short work of a neat and trimmed beard. Extensive research has gone into producing these highly efficient and lightweight grooming products and now you can make a troublesome looking beard look well cared for.

Trimmers Come From Leading Brands

You can take your pick from some of the top brands in beard trimmers such as Phillips, Remington, Panasonic, Wahl and Braun and every beard trimmer model will have its own set of pros and cons for trimming mustaches, sideburns as well as beards.

Some trimmers are very sophisticated with a range of features while others are not quite as fancy and come with less features. As a basic trimmer, they will certainly do the job for you and come at a price which suits everyone’s pocket as well. Some trimmers will give you just a few settings, which some of the more advanced ones will offer you up to 20 settings or even more.

Fantastically user-friendly, whether you have thick or thin beard, short or long , the titanium blades of the best beard trimmer remain undaunted. With a range of different adjustable blades, these salon-tested professional clippers glide effortlessly through your beard providing a professional and smooth looking trim, resulting in the perfect length. Length settings are measured in millimeters and you choose anything from a close shave of 0.5mm or a longer 10mm look.


Beard trimmers don’t come cheap so it is important so ensure you get a warranty from the manufacturer. Most of the leading manufacturers give a one or two year warranty if you keep your slip and box as proof of purchase.

The Vacuum a Highly Desired Feature

The women who live with men love the newer trimmers which come with a cool vacuum system. This feature quickly sucks up all the fine hair which can then be emptied out of the catchment ‘basket’ when the trimming session is over. This ensures bathroom sinks and floors can be kept clean and hair free.

Another advantage to look out for is that while all trimmers work on a dry face, the best beard trimmers are those ones which will even let you trim your beard with a wet face. Did you know that beard trimmers have come such a long way, that for the busy man rushing to kill time, they can now be used in the shower too? The bottom line is that trimmers for beards have become a wonderfully versatile and time-saving devices.

Trimmers for Sensitive Skins

Easy to hold and manage, most men are looking for a beard trimmer which won’t cause ingrown hairs and irritating razor bumps. Men with sensitive skins are also looking for beard trimmers with hypoallergenic blades. The beauty of these trimmers is that the blades can be removed and cleaned after use. Sometimes a high-quality stainless steel is used for the blades and this ensures that the blades are corrosion resistant too.

What men love is the fact that most of the best trimmers come with multiple length settings which means you can trim your beard while giving the hair on your head a trim as well. Not only that, the multi-groom all-in-one beard trimming kits are so in-inclusive that by investing in them you don’t only get to trim a full beard, with its various attachments you can even clip unwanted hair from your ears and nose as well.

Men on the Move Prefer Cordless Battery Operated Trimmers

Men on the Move Prefer Cordless Battery Operated Trimmers

Many business men need to travel far and wide, and they want the best beard trimmer which is easy to pack and which can be used in their cars as well.

You get the best beard trimmer which come with special travel cases which even allow for additional battery space and other trimmer accessories.

Businessmen need a trimmer which works off the mains as well as off batteries. Once fully charged the trimmer will operate for about 45 minutes. Check out the trimmers with the special lockout feature. This is useful because you can lock your trimmer so that it doesn’t accidentally turn on when in transit.

The best beard trimmer for men can be charged with ease in a hotel room with an AC adapter or computer. Some of the more modern trimmers come with a features similar to that on a cell phone where you can see when your trimmer needs to be recharged.

Some trimmers will use nickel-metal-hydride (NiMH) batteries while other trimmers make use of lithium-ion batteries which will require an 8 hour charge and which will allow you to work on your beard for longer than other batteries; up to about 50 minutes.

With Trimmers You Have Many Choices

The beauty about beard trimmers today is that you have choices and you can either buy the trimmer on its own or look at the beard kit. The trimmers today embrace an interesting sense of style and self expression. Many men select trimmers after reading reviews from those who have had first-hand experience with them and who say they use them with complete confidence. We hope you enjoyed our post on the best beard trimmer.

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